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Depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to monetary damages, punitive damages, injunctive relief, attorney’s fees and other remedies at law based on a violation of your civil rights.

After careful review of the facts and circumstances of your case, including a review of the applicable area of law, a civil lawsuit may be appropriate to address the violations and damages you have sustained. A civil lawsuit will typically include claims for monetary damages and/or other relief where appropriate. Criminal accountability occurs where violators are prosecuted for their violations of civil rights after a finding by prosecutors that a crime has been committed.

Filing a civil lawsuit will entail significant time, effort and cooperation between clients and attorneys. Our firm prides itself on raising awareness of troubling civil rights violations through community forums, media outreach, press conferences, developing relationships with attorneys and prosecutors and relentlessly pursuing justice for our clients.

 A thorough consultation involves a recitation of the facts that brought you into contact with the firm, a review of any documents or records you have connection with your case and an overview of potential claims and remedies available at law. You should be prepared to discuss the facts of your case and share any available documentation in your possession.

Yes. Lee Merritt is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but is admitted to federal practice in other jurisdictions around the country, including the Northern District of Texas. If the firm is not able to represent you in a matter due to jurisdictional or licensing issues, then we will gladly refer you to attorneys who may be able to better assist you.

Mr. Merritt is available for speaking engagements, lectures or conferences. If you are interested in booking information, please contact the office by phone or email and request more information about scheduling.

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